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Newport Harbor Football

The Essence of Coach Lofthouse's "5 F's" Philosophy

Getting a few minutes with Coach Peter Lofthouse is easier than you might think. After spending more than eight years at the JUCO ranks, including a historic season at San Diego’s Mesa College where in three short years the program went from 3-7 to 9-2 and won its first bowl game in over 30-years, Coach Lofthouse has settled into Newport Harbor High School and is our head football coach.
"Anytime someone wants to talk about what we're trying to accomplish at Newport Harbor," Coach Lofthouse says, "I'm Interested."
Coach Lofthouse believes that the game of football, at the high school level, is a teaching tool and an opportunity to change the lives of young men through experience. It’s a unique opportunity for teenagers to not only learn values that work on the football field, but any athletic field… and more importantly, values that they can instill into their lives well beyond their high school years. These values are called “The 5 F’s” and it’s instilled in EVERYTHING we do.
    • Faith
      Faith in yourself. Faith in your teammates. Faith in your coaches. BUY IN to what we’re doing on this football team.
    • Family
      Protecting your immediate family (e.g. Mom, Dad, siblings, relatives) as well including your teammates as your family.
    • Friends
      Aligning with buddies that have high morals and good character. Friends (and teammates) that hold each other accountable for their actions.
    • Football
      Having fun and playing hard and playing to the best of your ability.
    • Finish
      Finishing everything you start. Whether it be homework, a test or “playing until the whistle” – give it your best effort. Finish
As you might expect, our football values are aligned to Principal Sean Boulton’s athletic philosophies, which are:
  • Playing with *neighborhood kids*
  • Sharing athletes and resources with other coaches
  • Strong character building
  • Engaged with parents, community and teachers/administration
  • Modern weight lifting and conditioning program
  • Building pipeline for the future
  • Zero tolerance drug, alcohol and vaping policy
  • Best attendance and effort in the classroom
If you are interested in reaching Coach Lofthouse, you can send a message to him here.